China Energy Longyuan Power in South Africa holds open day event on wind power project

De Aar – An open day was held this weekend to showcase operations, Covid-19 prevention and control measures and the resumption of work at the De Aar wind power project, South Africa’s largest wind power project.
Themed “Greener Energy, Greener Life”, the event was presided over by Longyuan South Africa Renewables of China Longyuan Power Group, a subsidiary of China Energy Investment Corporation (China Energy), to demonstrate how Chinese SOEs fulfill their responsibilities.
During the event, Beverly, an employee at the company, ushered viewers around different parts of the De Aar wind farm, including the substation, the central control room, wind turbine tower and nacelle, informing them about the wind power generation principle, the structure of the wind turbine and the layout of the wind farm.
The De Aar wind farm has been in stable and safe operation and has provided nearly 2 billion kWh of clean power to South Africa, meeting the power demands of 300,000 households.
It went into operation in 2017 and was the first of its kind to be invested, constructed and operated by a Chinese enterprise in Africa.
The farm plays a key role in improving local energy structure and promoting clean and low-carbon development in South Africa.
In addition to wind farm operation, Longyuan South Africa Renewables has been making huge contributions to local community since operation, including the construction of six classrooms at a local early childhood education centre and will contribute more than R15 million to the local community each and every year through all the 20 years of its operation.