Fablittlebag, an innovative biodegradable solution to the disposal of feminine hygiene products every time, anywhere

For most females, the disposal of sanitary waste in public places and social situations is an awkward experience, not to mention the environmental impact that comes along with flushing.

If you have ever been in a situation where all the signs in the public toilet say ‘do not flush’, but you have no other choice, you understand the anxiety that comes along with frantically looking for an alternative way to dispose of your sanitary products. With FabLittleBag there is no more guilty flushing, knowing that you shouldn’t, and no more worrying about blocked loos, clogged septic tanks, or contaminated oceans. Now that this solution exists, it’s time to shift those mindsets and inform women and girls about this great new advancement in menstrual product disposal.

Martha Silcott, an inventor of FabLittleBag, says, “Education in isolation or a solution without education will only ever have a limited impact; people still flush all kinds of non-flushables after decades of “Do not flush” campaigns – the key is to provide the education hand in hand with the solution, for it to be easy for the user, then you get behaviour change. Our mission is to convert flushers into binners and hopefully Happy Fabbers!”

FabLittleBag, a winner of the UK ‘Water Dragons’ Future Water Association award for innovation, provides women and girls with a discreet, hygienic, and easy-to-use solution, allowing confident disposal every time, anywhere.