Healthy made simple

With the new year, new you in full swing, Tammy Fry, plant-based nutritionist and vegan thought leader, breaks down how to kick start your health this year in 4 essential but simple steps.

Stay Hydrated!

Our bodies are 60% water and this water is crucial to all bodily and brain functions! Drinking more water will not only have your heart happy but will also improve your complexion, boost your energy, improve regularity, boost your metabolism, flush out toxins, improve your PH and regulate your body temperature.

Often dehydration can be misinterpreted as hunger, so next time you feel hungry, head to the tap and not the fridge. Keep a large, reusable water bottle on hand at all times and try and limit dehydrating beverages like tea, coffee, sugary drinks and alcohol (TIA Uncle Cyril).


Studies have shown that anyone getting less than 7hrs of sleep a night has a dramatically increased risk of heart disease and stroke. It also dumbs you down, kills your libido, makes you sad and your skin look bad. The scary reality is that most of us are just skimming by on 6,5 hrs a night, and the less you sleep, the less you think you need to, which means you need to work that bit extra to recondition yourself to getting in that essential shut-eye.

Planning your evening, which for most of us is our only down time, can help you avoid the zombie scroll through Netflix at 11pm. Schedule in a screen free past-time an hr before bed to help you wind down, whether it’s a long bath, an intensive skin regime, a book, journaling or a little sketching – keep it analogue and you!

Get Active – Outside

Exercise is key to good health and “feel good vibes”, and it doesn’t have to be excessive. Even a little bit of exercise, 30min, everyday gets your body producing those hormones that make you feel happier, less anxious, energized and reduces your risk of chronic. Take it outdoors and you’re getting even more bang for your sweaty buck by breathing in fresh air and giving your lungs a break from that aircon circulated second hand O2 and getting a little sun on your skin that will get your body producing Vitamin D. Plus it’s free!

Plan a little before/after work gardening session; catch up in a safe, socially distanced way with a friend for a brisk masked walk around a block or too; or get bold and drag your yoga mat to the park or a rooftop and salute that sun as mother nature intended!

Whole foods, plant-based eating

A whole food, plant-based diet ditches highly processed, refined, animal based foods for, you guessed it – plants! This includes vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, seeds and nuts providing your body with an array of macro and micro-nutrients, loads of fibre, healthy fats and in turn reduces your sugar and salt intake.

Variety is the spice of life and convenience is key to helping us keep going – splurge on pre-prepped fruit, veg and salads. Swop out your meat based favourite for its plant-based alternative. Keep it simple, keep it colourful and keep it fresh.

Tammy’s beautiful book Made with Love and Plants has loads of tips and recipes to make healthy simple.

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