How to layer like a pro this Autumn

Autumn signifies a change of season, a beautiful transition from a warm blissful Summer to the fresh crisp air and colourful leaves of Autumn. As soon as the temperature drops we find ourselves wanting to ditch the dresses, throw on sweatpants and coat and call it a day.

However, just because the days and nights are starting to get colder, doesn’t mean you have to relegate your favourite dress or skirt to the back of your closet. Having a few staple pieces is perfect for testing your layering skills while implementing items you may already have in your closet.

Curious about how to layer like a pro? Here are key transitional pieces that you should be incorporating into your wardrobe this Autumn.

Let’s get to work

*ping* You just got an alert via email. A recent job post you applied for has just informed you that you’ve landed an interview this week. Excited, grateful and anxious you immediately start preparing for your interview.

You immediately start researching the company, go through possible interview questions and hype yourself up preparing to bring your A-game. Lastly, you head over to your dresser and choose an outfit. Since the position itself is in a more corporate working environment, you decide to wear your black casual trousersWhite blouse and block heel boot. To pull the whole look together you decide to layer it with a black Malton coat just in case there might be a draft in the air.

Isn’t it romantic

Yayyy, it’s date night and you and bae have been planning a special evening to celebrate your second anniversary. You’ve booked a table for two at your favourite Italian restaurant, the one with the ocean side view. All you have to do is pick out an outfit fit for the occasion. Since it’s your anniversary, you decide to wear something sexy and sultry. Torn between your wrap dress and maxi skirt, you decide to choose the side slit maxi skirt, black mule heels, black organza top and turtleneck. Hair did and makeup on point, you choose your go-to baguette bag, earrings and mask, ready to reignite the flame between you and your bae.

30, flirty and thriving

Hip hip, hooray! It’s your 30th birthday and what better way to celebrate it by having a few of your closest girlfriends and family with you to take in this moment. Keeping things intimate, you decide to have a small get together at your place, just a light dinner, a few drinks and of course cake.