Influencers take 31-day Veganuary pledge

According to data taken from Google Trends, 2020 saw the vegan diet hitting an all-time high, surpassing 2019’s statistics. Growing in popularity, the plant-based diet has seen a rise in consumers making the switch from omnivore diets to completely meat and dairy-free products.

Following the country’s strict lockdown regulations, many people have started prioritising their mental and physical well-being and with Veganuary in full swing, influencers have decided to join the movement and take a 31-day pledge to #TryVegan.

Influencers #TryVegan


With just over a week into her plant-based journey, @fitlikemummy has found the plant-based journey an enlightening experience. Offering her endless possibilities in the kitchen, she’s not only learned more about following a plant-based diet but she’s also become more mindful about the food she eats.


In a recent IGTV video, Sam from @Twobrowngirls on Instagram stated that she started her vegetarian journey nearly 7 years ago. Identifying herself more as a flexitarian, Sam doesn’t strictly follow a vegan diet. While she does understand the benefits that come with eating less meat and more whole foods, she also understands that every plant-based journey is different.


Curly-haired blogger @justbella on Instagram decided to take the 31-day pledge for Veganuary with Fry’s. However, obsessed with cheese and eggs, @justbella decided to ease herself into the plant-based diet by slowly cutting out meat and dairy products.


Perfect to enjoy as a light snack and meal, the popular app Tik Tok recently saw a video go viral with over 5 million views on how to enjoy a wrap without the worry of fillings spilling out. Created by at-home chef @cookingwithhayeh, the viral Tik Tok hack has resulted in many people hopping on the trend and creating their own version.

Describing the folding technique as easily one of the best trends to enter the new year, using @frysfamily’s homemade hummus and vegan cheese, @thanonadventuresofasahr decided to hop on the trend and add a vegan twist to it.


With Veganuary in full swing, fitness enthusiast @tumis_wellness decided to kickstart her plant-based journey with fragrant butternut and chilli pasta with lemon, ginger and coconut. Sharing one of her go-to’s on Instagram, Tumi expressed that products that are easily accessible and convenient to make are a staple especially on days when you don’t want to be cooking in the kitchen.

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