Invest online and reap the benefits

For many people, the world of online investment and online trading can be quite intimidating- especially if you’re controlling your investments. However, whether you’re new to the world of online investing or not, by investing your funds, you’ll be able to get an additional income.

What is investing?

Simply put, investing is when you put funds aside with the goal of it to grow in the future. With so many ways to invest, no matter which one you choose to invest in, there is an opportunity to earn extra income on that investment in the long run.

While saving money is a good place to start building a better financial literacy, investing allows you to grow your funds while keeping the powers of inflation at bay.

Earn an additional income with Binomo is on a journey to create a world-class trading platform, offering quality brokerage services and support which include professional tutorials, analytical services and client support.

Binomo understands that the key to a traders success lies in its quality, which is why high-quality access to the world’s financial markets are guaranteed.

Despite saving and investing being closely connected, to invest, you need to save. Although it may seem like a long and tedious process, saving small amounts can affect your investment in the future.

Binomo offers the following types of accounts, demo, real and tournament accounts. The real and tournament accounts offer users standard, gold and vip as options. Signing up to a demo account grants you access to a demo account with $1000 that can be replenished once it runs out. By making use of the demo account, you’ll be able to learn and trade on a real chart before real trading.

A real account, however, is where you can start getting an additional income. This means that you can withdraw funds from your real account and transfer it into your banking account.

Learn to trade with Binomo

Binomo makes learning trade affordable and accessible. With a minimum trading cost of R15, you can learn how to trade. Offering free training as well as access to extensive strategies, you’ll be able to improve your trading skills most faster and conveniently.

Improve your trading skills today when you set up a demo account with Binomo. Conclude trades on real charts all while learning how to use the Binomo platform.

To sign up for a demo account simply go to or contact at [email protected] for further enquiries.

Please note that the financial operations offered on this site may involve increased risk. By implementing the sites financial services and tools, you may endure a significant financial loss, in your guaranteed trading account.