SA’s women in the spotlight speak up to inspire other women

South Africa’s women in the spotlight are fierce and fabulous, stylish, and successful.

They need to be all these things and more to overcome the challenges facing women both professionally and personally.

Supermodel and philanthropist Rosette Ncwana, well-known health advocate and news anchor Melanie Bala, and dancer and Amapiano vocalist Kamo Mphela are among the country’s phenomenal female role models who share their stories in the 2 nd Burst of the Bernini Squadcast Series.

Their renditions of how they transcended the expectations placed on them by society, to become successful on their own terms – with the support of their squad – will inspire women across the country to take on the world.

Popular YFM radio personality Khutso Theledi is outspoken about the personal challenges and societal pressures women have to contend with on their road to empowerment. She hosts the Bernini Squadcast conversation series that launched during Women’s Month this year.

This platform gives a voice to strong, successful, stylish, and purpose-driven women, to share their stories of how they have overcome personal challenges and societal pressures on their road to success – especially when it comes to the standards set for women to conform to conventional beauty.

“Personally, there is nothing more golden, nor more beautiful than a woman being unapologetically unafraid and proud of being herself. Comfortable in her perfect imperfection. It’s not in the clothes she wears, her figure, or how she carries herself – or even the way she styles her hair. It can be seen in her eyes, the doorway to her heart. It’s reflected in her soul. The caring she lovingly gives and the passion she shows – that beauty only grows with passing days and years. To me, that is the true essence of beauty in a woman ’’ she says.

Khutso leads the conversations for the 2nd Burst of three episodes of this series in October and November – joined by a new panel of insightful and interesting guests in the beauty, fitness, and creative industries. Among the phenomenal women who join her in the conversation for episodes 4, 5, and 6 are body-positive model Boitumelo Rametsi, award-winning beauty influencer, and makeup artist Vongai Mapho, fashion model and health activist Naledi Radebe, and well-known local actress, supermodel, and philanthropist Rosette Ncwana.

‘This series is a nod to every strong, independent woman who recognizes that she would not have made it to where is she is today without her squad by her side. We understand the important role that positive, powerful women play in helping women who are making their way in the world. That is why our guests are all role models in their own right.

We choose our guests and topics of discussion so that we can offer our ‘glow getters’ real solutions and inspiration,’ Bernini Marketing Manager, Tania Kotze explains.