The soft power of dressing romantic on a date

When it comes to the modern romantic fashion trend, it can be chic, effortless and timeless. Focusing more on the softness, femininity, and major ruffles, the trend is less about structure and graphics and more about embracing the whimsical.

Yes, it may be challenging to find quality pieces, but once you’ve identified key pieces to incorporate, you’ll be able to build the foundation for a soft and sexy romantic style.

The Starry night

First dates can be awkward. From the uncomfortable silence to the settling of the bill, first dates are crucial in establishing where the budding romance is heading.

Since this is one of the first dates you’ve had in a while, you decide to go to one of your favourite art galleries in the city. Open, comfortable and romantic, you’re excited to not only learn about the exhibits but about your date as well.

The only thing left to do is find an elegant outfit that matches the vibe. Since you’re going for a more light and bright romantic look, you decide to wear a tier silhouette dress that stops just over the knee. To pull the look together, you pair them with your round toe block heel, style your hair with a claw clip, ready to step out in style.

Just one more episode

Planning a date for you and your significant other can be tough especially if you’re both not in the mood to go out. However, just because you want a night in, doesn’t mean date night is off the table.

Just roll with it

With lockdown in place, the rise of Tik Tok and Instagram reels shone a light on popular stay-at-home trends. Among them were tie-dye prints, banana bread, Tik Tok wraps and rollerskating.

While roller skating may simply be seen as just an outdoor activity, it’s also a fun and romantic idea for a date.

When preparing for your date, comfortability is key. A light flowy top and some comfortable trousers are essential, especially if you’ll be moving your body for quite some time. If you’re not in the mood to feel restricted wearing a dress is also a way to jazz up your look while still looking casual. Pair them with your go-to sneakers and you’re ready to “roll bounce”.

Self-love is the best love

Alexa, play “It’s Friday then by Mufasa”. It’s been a long week and you are finally able to sit back and take some time to yourself. You’ve booked a 30-minute spa deal for yourself from a coupon you got from your family and you are finally getting around to using it.

Before heading out, you head over to your wardrobe and choose between your two outfit options. To your left, you see your white frilled detailed blouse and midi skirt and to your right, you see your floral ruffled dress. Since you’ll be wearing your black knee-high boots, you decide to pair them with the ruffled dress, dressing it up a bit, while still feeling comfortable and chic for your “date”.