Visa launches ‘Where You Shop Matters’ campaign: The impact of Covid 19 on SME’s

This is particularly concerning, given the fact that SMEs represent more than 98% of businesses in our country and employ more than 50% of our workforce.

Of course, this situation is a global phenomenon. Across the world, SMEs have been some of the quickest and most severe casualties of the pandemic and are among those least likely to recover.

To help drive awareness of this issue, and to help SMEs survive and thrive during this time, Visa has launched its “Where You Shop Matters” campaign. Designed to encourage South Africans to support local SMEs, the campaign takes form of a six-week podcast series that explores the challenges faced by SMEs and the ways in which consumers can lend a hand.

Each episode features Visa’s Country Manager, Aldo Laubscher, as well as local business experts, such as the teams behind Roving Bantu and Dope Store, who describe their experiences in episode one.

Tune in on your favourite podcast platform and find out how you can make a difference. After all, where you shop matters.