Want to hire a van or bakkie? The Yellow Rental Company will get you moving

Van hire is a popular and easy way to get your things to where they need to be.

It doesn’t really matter too much what it is that you need to be moved, or what your requirements might be. When you work with a reputable company, like The Yellow Rental Company, you will have an array of vans readily available and capable of meeting your needs. We make hiring transport easy and we serve quite a large and diverse client base throughout South Africa.

Along with providing clients with a large fleet of vans, and other vehicles like bakkies, to choose from, we have also worked towards ensuring that our clients can easily budget for their transport needs.

Finally, we make sure that we only stock good quality van brands, the kind that is well-known for providing that reliability you need. We also take our service to that next level, by offering clients some useful advice and help should they need it.

Why hiring a van is beneficial

Whether it is for your company or for personal use, van hire is ideal for anyone looking for a closed vehicle to get their items from A to B.

If you are still weighing up your options, or perhaps wondering why hiring will be better than buying, here are some of the advantages of hiring a van.

1. Easy to use

If you can drive a car, you can drive a van. Even with their shape and size, it is easy to drive a van, even if it is fully loaded.

Vans are also very easy to pack. Since they are closed, they will give you more packing space than a bakkie (even one with a canopy), and the way they are built makes them quite easy to load.

2. Save money

Both in the long term and the short term, you will save money if you decide to hire a bakkie or van rather than buy.

Hiring a van is the cheaper option if you are only going to need it a few days at a time. It’s not just that big initial expense that you have to worry about paying, vans also require pricey maintenance unlike other vehicles, the maintenance might be a little more regular if you are using the van for heavy-duty transportation. When hiring, you receive a fully maintained vehicle.

You might also be interested in renting a truck.

3. You don’t need specific experience

Do you know your way around a car? That’s really all you need when it comes to driving a van because a car drives very much like a van. You also don’t have to worry about needing specific licenses.

We offer a full range of transport-related services and we have a number of fantastic vans ready for you to hire. Simply visit our website, bakkieandvanhire.co.za and fill in a form or give us a call to organise your hire.