What to wear for a socially distanced Valentines Day

We’re all continuously adapting to these changing and challenging times. Whether you’ve already found your love or you’re still looking for a lockdown lover, the perfect outfit is key for your ideally social distanced Valentines Day date. It’s been a long day at work and you’re finally home, ready to relax and unwind. You light your favourite scented candles, scatter rose petals in the shape of a heart with your favourite box of chocolates calling your name.

In the corner of your eye, you spot a chic pair of linen trousers, a classy black bodysuit and warm fuzzy slippers. Feeling spoiled and filled with joy that your loved one has gone all out for the occasion, you slip into your comfy yet chic outfit and get ready for a memorable evening indoors with your partner.

Out to Lunch

With the ’70s making a comeback, jumpsuits are this season’s obsession, and with beaches and parks finally open now’s the perfect time to get dressed up in a lightweight yet sleek looking jumpsuit. A staple in everyone’s wardrobe, a simple black jumpsuit adds effortless vava voom to your look. It’s perfect for those days when you are in the mood to ditch the dress, yet still, feel elegant and sexy.

Picnic for Two

Sunny vibes and clear skies, the perfect setting to enjoy a picnic at your favourite park. Get your charcuterie board ready, laid out with your favourite fruits and snack. It’s time to live out your ‘Cottagecore’ fantasy and go all out. Hair styled to the tee, skin glowing and makeup flawless, you put on your favourite summer dress to channel that confident and unstoppable feeling.

Take it back to the beach

With beaches open, you and your partner can finally enjoy an oceanside date or take a scenic route along the beach and enjoy a breathtaking sunset. Breathe in the fresh salty air and get sun-kissed in a beautiful flowy maxi dress. Everyone loves a cheeky summer dress that shows off just enough shoulder. If you’re not in the mood for some shoulder action and prefer a modest yet chic look, opting for a midi dress with exaggerated sleeves is also a good option.

When it comes to dresses whether it be a maxi or a midi dress, having one in your closet is essential. Ps: Don’t forget your SPF and jumper if you’re in the mood to layer.

How do you like your coffee?

Stripping you from any outside influencers, coffee dates provide intimacy between you and your partner, and the great thing about coffee dates is that you can keep things light and casual. Not only does it allow you to feel comfortable and casual but it also allows you to be creative with your outfits.

One way to bring a casual outfit to life without doing too much is by pairing an elegant top such as an off the shoulder top or blouse with jeans or your favourite pair of trousers.

Pair it with a pair of white sneakers and you’ll have a casual yet cute outfit perfect for a coffee date.

Take a walk with me

You’ve just finished off work and your partner decides to spoil you and take you for a romantic walk at your favourite park or along the beach. You’re wearing a gorgeous tier dress, your skin is glowing and all’s perfect for capturing the moment with a photo. Your partner looks as dashing as ever in a black denim jacket, tapered jeans and lowcut sneakers.

A slight breeze blows, carrying their scent. You bury your neck in theirs and take in this moment, a moment you’ll never forget.

Create new memories in a StyleMode outfit this Valentine’s Day.