Abaguquli means Transformers, translated from Zulu. It is also our philosophy. We aim to transform lives through education and innovation. We are an all-female level 1 BBBEE registered non-profit company and organisation dedicated and passionate about transformation. Our objective : Empowering and Uplifting youth and communities, Planning and Preparing employees and businesses for the Fourth Industrial Revolution through training, information, access to opportunity and connecting stakeholders. We would like to enhance and empower youth, communities, businesses, employed and unemployed to be aligned to the skills requirements for fourth industrial revolution. We aim to accelerate the transformation through skills, road shows, job creation, awareness and or change management for the digital transformation era. Our Motivation : We realised that there is a huge disconnect between the career choices our Youth are making and what the industry needs and wants. There is an even greater disconnect between the disadvantaged communities and the industry. We want to bridge that gap and contribute to youth development, upliftment, skills development and employment. From engaging with youth, and working in communities we have observed that our youth want to create a better life, get a good education and want to rise above their circumstances. What we found was that most of the youth were not aware of the 4th Industrial Revolution and career opportunities relating to it, they were still studying towards and sacrificing time and money for a qualification that will probably be irrelevant and that some youth were indecisive about the future, what it brings and how they will find their rightful place in it. Through survey studies, we have found businesses want to transform but have no idea where to start and that there is a very big need for training interventions for digital transformation.