National Department of Sport, Arts, and Culture

The National Department of Sport, Arts, and Culture is a government department that makes an effort to attain the Departments Vision-A creative and inclusive nation, with the following measurable objectives that are pursued and are aligned to the legislative mandate of the department: a) Coordinate and support the national strategic programs by developing and reviewing policy and legislation and developing systems for monitoring and evaluation. b) Increase and facilitate access to and broader participation in arts and culture through policy formulation, legislation, and equitable funding. c) Develop, promote, and protect the 11 official languages through policy formulation, legislation, and the implementation of the language policy in order to allow South Africans to realise their language rights. d) Increase the access and participation of grassroots arts practitioners in cultural industries' economic activities through training, legislation, and international opportunities. e) Ensure the transformation of the heritage landscape as a vehicle for nation-building and social cohesion, through the implementation of heritage policies and legislation. f) Enable transparency and evidenced-based good governance of archives, records, published information, and the heraldic and symbolic inheritance of the nation through institutional management, regulation, and development.