Fleet Forward: DPD Invests in South Africa


What South Africa needs now at this pivotal point in our history is
commitment. If we come together, which we have consistently proven we
can over the last 30 years, we can surprise the world. In the last few
weeks since the elections, we have even surprised ourselves. From this
new springboard of greater unity, we have a fresh opportunity to
course correct. Slowly but surely we are seeing investment in green
electrons which will eventually bid load shedding goodbye.

South Africa will be changed by leadership, and by investment. In
infrastructure, healthcare, education, security, and of course
commerce. We are seeing a dramatic shift in digital business, which
has given birth to a boost in many sectors, many of whom need trusted
partners to grow, which in turn drives employment. At DPD, we have
been a key part of traveling that all-important last mile to ensure
transactions are complete, playing a vital role in the transportation
of vaccines during the pandemic, right through to getting birthday
gifts across a river in Mdumbi.

This week, I am excited to announce a significant milestone in our
journey – the investment in a new fleet of vehicles. This strategic
move underscores our commitment to support South African businesses
and the burgeoning ecommerce sector. As we drive forward with boldness
and ambition, this investment symbolises our dedication to fostering
growth and enhancing our service capabilities. We have to commit to
this as a sign of commitment to partners like MyRunway, with whom we
have journeyed over ten years, since they first opened their doors.

A Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

DPD’s success is built on our unwavering commitment to excellence and
innovation. Our new fleet represents the latest in logistics
technology, designed to improve efficiency, reduce delivery times, and
enhance the overall customer experience. By leveraging cutting-edge
technology and local expertise, we continue to provide flexible and
user-friendly products and services, ensuring that doing business with
us remains perfectly convenient.

As one of South Africa’s leading express courier companies, DPD has
proudly served the nation for over 30 years. Specialising in
time-definite express delivery services for letters and parcels up to
30kgs, we cater to both B2B and B2C (ecommerce) segments within South
Africa and international markets. With a robust national footprint of
30 branches, 1300 employees, and over 750 vehicles.
Geopost, our majority shareholder, operates in 49 countries across all
continents through a network of expert delivery brands. With 57 000
emphasis worldwide, Geopost is dedicated to making commerce more
convenient, profitable, and sustainable for customers and communities,
delivering 8.4 millions parcels per day.

Driving Support

Our investment in this new fleet is not merely about expanding our
capabilities; it is a testament to our belief in the potential of
South African businesses and the vibrant ecommerce sector. Ecommerce,
in particular, has been a specialised focus area for DPD. Our
solutions, designed by a specialist team with over a decade of
international and domestic etailing experience, prioritise the
customer’s experience. Just last year we delivered our millionth
parcel for Cotton On.

As an extension of our customers’ brand, we understand the integral
role we play in customer loyalty. Our new fleet will enable us to
provide even more reliable and efficient services, meeting the
evolving demands of the ecommerce market. Tailored Solutions. Diverse
Needs. DPD’s Business division is dedicated to B2B clients, offering
tailored and efficient express courier services. Our comprehensive
network and technology-driven approach ensure a secure, controlled
delivery process with real-time visibility and enhanced security
measures. This investment in our fleet will further streamline B2B
logistics, allowing us to better serve businesses with diverse
distribution needs.

In the healthcare sector, our specialist team, backed by Geopost’s
established healthcare delivery solutions, ensures compliance and
performance standards of the highest calibre. Our new vehicles are
equipped to meet the stringent requirements of healthcare logistics,
reinforcing our position as a trusted partner in this critical field.
For the print media industry, DPD’s dedicated division handles the
collection and delivery of printed media to large retail stores across
Southern Africa. Our customised system and passionate team understand
the unique demands of this sector. The new fleet will enhance our
ability to deliver timely and accurately, maintaining the high
standards our customers expect.

Moving Forward Together

Every commitment that we make towards better business, more employment
nudges the needle for South Africa. The ripple effect of one job
changes a household, the delivery of a parcel on time builds trust and
belief in our industries, and even the investment of one company into
new vehicles shows hope and optimism in an ever-evolving country.
Change is possible when we work together, slowly but surely, everyone
doing their part.

By Jason Lombard, CEO of DPD

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