Top 5 Technopreneurs to Bring their A Game in The AYO Scaling Africa Series


After months of searching, screening, and careful selection, the final five qualifying businesses for the next round of the  AYO Scaling Africa Series have been selected. In partnership with the SA Innovation Summit, the series looks to assist tech entrepreneurs in taking their Series A businesses to the next level.

These five finalists have been chosen for their standout proposition within the landscape of tech business in South Africa, as well as for clearly articulating and demonstrating their potential for rapid growth and sustainability.

The founders, and their teams, will now test their mettle against one another with the overall winner claiming the R100 000 cash prize from investment group AYO Technology Solutions (AYO). However, the AYO Scaling Africa Series goes beyond a single cash injection, as these businesses will also be considered for more in-depth investment funding and support from AYO and its experienced management team.

Jeni Kostova, Group Marketing Executive at AYO, explained that: “The technology space has always been a competitive landscape.  Even more so now, given the rate of innovation that we are experiencing since the COVID-19 related lockdown-induced high-speed shift to digital in 2020.

“As an investment group we are always on the lookout for businesses that are on the brink of greatness and that solve a particular socio-economic need using technology, who require the development capital to get them there.  That’s why this competition is such a good fit for AYO and judging from the quality of entries we have reviewed, the future for South Africa looks bright.”

Dr Audrey Verhaeghe, SA Innovations Summit’s founder and Chairman, also added, “This is one competition that goes beyond the prize money to include not only the potential for real investment funding, but also the investment into skills, experience and new markets that the investor can offer the winner.”

The Demo Day will be held on 28 July 2021 from 18h00 to 20h00. Attendees can find the registration link to the event on the AYO Scaling Africa Series webpage.

The audience can also invest mock money in their favourite start-up using the pre® app. The audience member with the highest return on investment will receive a complimentary ticket to the upcoming SA Innovation Summit taking place from 21 to 23 September. The pre® app is available in the App Store and the Play Store.

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Dove Air provides instant access to urgent medical supplies to those across the world through advanced drone technology and has serviced over 2000 hospitals, helping local communities with vital services.

Co-Founder & CEO: Francisco Martins


LiquidGold Africa offers solutions for sanitation waste with globally designed, patented, and manufactured dry toilets for both male and females. The company’s focus is to save precious water resources and create new products from toilet resources (human waste) in a simple and cost-effective manner, as the by-products contains all the important nutrients that agriculture needs for healthy plant growth.

Founder & CEO: Orion Herman


The Marking App is a data free mobile and web application that automatically marks school assessments while giving learners access to immediate feedback, online support, and study material. Teachers are given a detailed analysis of results, reducing time, and increasing the quality of assessment and support given to the learners. Learners can form virtual study groups and discuss any schoolwork that they need to.

Founder & Managing Director: Kabelo Mahlobogwane


Memeza Shout is the first black-woman-owned company to provide South Africa’s first, patented Public Alarm system, combining physical alarms, neighbours, community safety groups and the South Africa Police Services to collectively fight crime. Memeza’s value add is bringing Private and Public Partners together through technology to fight crime, using technology can improve response times.

Founder & CEO: Thulile Mthetwa & Elmarie Pereira


The Red Cup Village medical respirator is SAHPRA approved 3D printed medical devices with 2 valves for changeable use. The devices are customised to an individual’s face structure and have the ability to monitor a user’s health condition through an application that sends an alert when they are running out of oxygen. The products are manufactured 100% locally using recycled material and biodegradable material.

Founder & CEO: Luvuyo Ndiki


About the SA Innovation Summit:

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About AYO Technology Solutions:

Founded in 1996, AYO Technology Solutions is a technology investment company with interests in disruptive technologies that advance life, business, and economics. The group’s diverse investment portfolio touches on all aspects of technology from connectivity to communications and software development. For more information, visit:

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