LUX* Belle Mare: Feasting on Authenticity


A tapestry of flavour at the re-launched LUX* Belle Mare

As LUX* Belle Mare opened its welcoming arms once more, revealing an exquisite revival post its temporary closure, it is almost a serendipitous event that the charming property reopened its doors on 1st October 2023, echoing its initial debut on the very same day in 1999.

While many innovations popped out upon my return to the property, perhaps the most prominent was the depth of flavour across a re-energised food and beverage proposition.

Gerhard Hecker, the resort’s General Manager, has been extensively exposed to rich, authentic culinary and hospitality experiences, especially from the East. “Our CEO, Paul Jones, had a clear vision from the start – not to change for the sake of change. It was about building on the existing success formula and enhancing it, with a sharp focus on creating new, extraordinary experiences, especially within food management.”

This philosophy threads through the veins of LUX* Belle Mare. Though the aftermath of the unforeseen closure was met initially with a stilled pause, self-financing enabled a meticulous reconstruction, masterfully spearheaded by architects and designers, including Jean-Francois Adam and Jean-Marc Tang, who brought an international flair grounded in local availability.

Gerhard, sharing memories of the launch, commented, “It was poignant, opening again in October, just like when it first graced the world in 1999. Working with Jean-Francois, who was not only available but brought 30 years of international expertise from his time in the States, ensured a superlative product.”

One unique aspect that reveals Gerhard’s intimate connection with Asian philosophy is his emphasis on Fung Sui principles, especially noticeable in the thoughtful curvature of the entrance, avoiding a direct in-and-out and embracing the ideology of allowing prosperity to flow through spaces effortlessly.

“With 30 years in Asia, I witnessed how integral Fung Shui is in various aspects of life and construction. Be it in Hong Kong or Singapore, these ancient principles guide building designs to honour and facilitate the flow of positive energy, which subtly influenced even our refurbishments here.”

LUX* Belle Mare under Gerhard’s oversight hasn’t merely reopened; it’s been reborn with an intriguing culinary tapestry, woven with threads of authenticity from across the globe. Maintaining a high regard for genuine culinary experiences, Gerhard ensured that the resort’s various restaurants, including ‘Duck Laundry’, ‘Beach Rouge’, and ‘Amari by Chef Vineet Bhatia’, were helmed by chefs deeply rooted in the respective cuisines of their native lands.

“For me, the key has always been authenticity. Your memories from a country invariably tie back to the food you’ve experienced there. Thus, ensuring that our chefs hail from the respective regions of our restaurant’s cuisines was imperative,” he affirmed, reflecting his steadfast commitment to offering an unadulterated culinary experience to guests.

The dining experiences are resplendent in their variety yet unified in their authenticity. From dim sums that rival those in Hong Kong to pizzas that transport you to Napoli, every dish is a journey in itself.

Gerhard reminisced about his times in Asia, saying, “Being guided by my friends through the culinary landscape of regions like Thailand, Indonesia, China, and others, it was paramount to share the authentic flavours and stories embedded in each bite with our guests here at LUX* Belle Mare.”

Guests are bound to be entranced by the dedication to ensuring each dish, each wine, and every cocktail is not merely served but presented as a singular, authentic experience, reflecting its roots yet beautifully adapted to its Mauritian context, using produce farmed on land neighbouring the resort.

“What we wish to cultivate here is less about what I want, but about cherishing what is, especially our team members. Around 80% of our previous team, renowned for their excellence, have been retained. This element, the soul, the human interaction – it is something money cannot procure, and it is vital.”

LUX* Belle Mare, under Gerhard Hecker’s watchful management, has emerged not just as a holiday destination but as a connoisseur’s delight where the essence of various global cuisines converge amidst the luxurious, soulful embrace of Mauritian hospitality, ever-so-mindful of the authentic and rich experiences that linger in the memories of their esteemed guests.


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