PPF grieves the passing of Comfort Ngidi





DATE: 29 AUGUST 2020


The Progressive Professionals Forum (PPF) is alarmed by the sad news of the passing away of one of its founder members, the prominent, progressive and patriotic lawyer as well as corporate governance champion Mr. Comfort Zibuse Ngidi who hailed from KwaZulu-Natal.


“As PPF nationally, we were informed by the provincial leadership of PPF in KwaZulu-Natal that comrade Comfort was admitted in one of the hospitals in KZN and we all remained positive that that he would recover, get back home to his beloved family and continue in his law practice where he served our people with passion” says PPF President Kashif Wicomb.


Mr. Comfort Ngidi as the progressive and patriotic professional took a conscience decision to mobilize the country’s middle strata behind the values of the Freedom Charter and the RSA constitution as subscribed to by the Progressive Professionals Forum (PPF)




It was through the struggles waged by Comfort Ngidi, Siphile Buthelezi, uMntwana Zwile Zulu, the current PPF President Kashif Wicomb and other progressive professionals which culminated to the birth of PPF in August 2013 and Comfort Ngidi was unanimously elected as the first National Chairperson of PPF.


“Comrade Comfort Ngidi loved the ANC and PPF to such an extent that after stepping down as the National Chairperson of PPF, he served as the ordinary member of PPF belonging to his region Moses Mabhida (uMgungundlovu) in KwaZulu-Natal and continued closely working with PPF leadership. This was testament to his loyalty and humble character” says PPF President Kashif Wicomb.


“Our country South Africa has suffered a devastating loss especially now that we are facing festering corruption bedevilling our nation as opportunistically triggered by COVID-19 pandemic” says PPF President Kashif Wicomb.


PPF has in recognition of the fact that a leadership position Mr. Comfort Ngidi last held was that of a National Chairship of PPF, then assembled a team (made up of PPF NEC member deployed in KZN, KZN PPF POBs and Moses Mabhida PPF ROBs) led by the Office of Secretary General to work with the family and other progressive formations in giving Comfort Ngidi a befitting send-off.


“As PPF leadership and membership we dip our banner in honour of this fallen patriotic professional, progressive attorney, freedom fighter, educator, mentor, intellectual and patriotic entrepreneur.

We thank the entire Ngidi family for sharing their son, husband, father, uncle and brother with PPF, professionals and the nation at large” says PPF President Kashif Wicomb.


May his soul rest in eternal peace.


Media enquiries: Sithembiso Kubheka (Secretary General-PPF 0833535124)






About the PPF

The Progressive Professionals Forum (PPF) is a non-racial, non-sexist and non-xenophobic organisation of progressive professionals, academics, intellectuals and patriotic entrepreneurs subscribing the values of the Freedom Charter and the Constitution of South Africa and who are the think tank and resource base of South Africa towards the realization of the country’s developmental goals through policy, research and advocacy.

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The Progressive Professionals Forum ( PPF) is a non-racial, non-sexist and non-xenophobic organization of progressive professionals,academics , intellectuals and patriotic entrepreneurs subscribing to the values of the Freedom Charter and the Constitution of South Africa. The PPF , as the resource base and think tank of South Africa, objective is to assist the State in realising our country's developmentally goals through contributing towards public policy, research and advocacy.